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Scientifically validated

Exercises recommended by leading cardiologists



Mio is a CE-certified medical product



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You are unique.
So why isn't your therapy?

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  • Personalized Program

    A personalized health program that shows you how to implement heart-healthy routines step by step.

  • 1000+ Exercises and Lectures

    A huge library of interactive exercises and lectures. Each authored by experts.

  • Daily Check-ups

    Keep an eye on your health and progress. The program will change according to your status over time.

  • First Results after just a month

    87% of users feel better after their first month with Mio. This is because we use techniques recommended by the European Guidelines for Cardiology.

How does Mio Health work?

Simple lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of a heart attack by up to 50%. (1)(2) For this, Mio offers you a scientifically validated program that is tailor-made for you. 15 minutes a day is all it takes for you to become an expert on your own heart-health.

Mio's practical exercises set new impulses that will inspire you to establish new and healthy daily routines.

Mio's Team of Medical Experts

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Together we will reach your goals.

Establish new heart-healthy routines

Be more relaxed and calm

Reduce your risk of heart attack

Stay motivated and track your progress

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We already helped hundreds of others just like you.

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"With Mio I feel I'm in good hands. The challenges helped me a lot. Thanks!" (Apple App Store)

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5-Sterne Bewertung

"The program feels very well designed and gave me a lot to think about. Really gets you to move!" (Google Play Store)

Ute, 64 Jahre


5-Sterne Bewertung

"I was skeptical, but my progress speaks for itself!" (Google Play Store)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Mio Health work?

Mio Health's goal is to improve your long-term heart health. Mio Health uses a multimodal therapy approach based on the medical guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology. Mio supports you between doctor visits and is designed to help you make positive changes in your health-related behaviors. Mio uses a combination of different techniques, such as a personalized program based on your data and motivational notifications.

For whom is Mio a good fit?

The Mio Health app is designed for a patient population that:
- is 18 years of age or older.
- is under the care of a physician or other healthcare professional.
- is capable and motivated enough to change their lifestyle.
- has access to a smartphone and knows how to use smartphone apps.

Is my personal data safe with Mio?

Mio Health meets the highest requirements in terms of data protection and data security. As a medical device, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your personal data is processed exclusively in Germany and the EU.

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